The Academy of Magical Cats has established its own Cat Library (Felinoteca).
The Cat Library comprises numerous volumes, all on the topic of cats. Many of them are rare editions, out of print or antique, donated by Fellows and Friends of the Academy. Others have been submitted by Italian and international publishers.
The most precious have been left to us or donated by bibliophiles or cultural agencies, who, on hearing of the existence of our Academy, wished to ensure the safekeeping of these volumes whilst contributing to the diffusion of Cat Culture.

The Cat Gallery (Pinacoteca Felina) has already collected many works through gifts of the artists themselves, collectors and cultural societies.
Those who are fond of art and who love cats can admire paintings, drawings, etchings, sculptures, ceramics, artistic objects which have the cat as theme.
It is also enriched by bequests of art and cat lovers, who want to increase the value of the Academy and to secure the objects of their collections to a consistent collocation.


The Historical Archives (Archivio Storico) is made up of documents and original texts, posters, newspapers, magazines, photographs, musical scores, records and tapes, and film from every epoch and nation.

It is already very rich of antique and rare material, of which the Academy has the exclusive right.

Gologolo, fond of TV

All are invited to help enrich these three cultural institutions, Fellows and Friends of the Academy, organisations and institutions, editors, students, artists, collectors and felinophiles everywhere. These three institutions help to establish and highlight the cultural and artistic work of the Academy. They are necessary for the preparation of our various cultural events and for the bibliographical and historical research of university students, who wish to prepare theses on the subject of feline culture.

Those who want to collaborate and to give a contribution to the Cat Library, Cat Gallery and Historical Archives please contact the administrative office of the Academy.