Over the past few years, stimulated by our own lifelong cat companions, we began to devote ourselves to the Cat Culture. Little by little we began to meet men and women who shared our views: writers, painters, musicians, scientists - extraordinary people who loved to create not from duty but for pleasure, finding their reward in the realisation of their work and in self-fulfilment. Artists, in other words, and people of great sensitivity.In 1986, Giordano Alberghini, business manager, cat lover, discovered that not only was this love for cats evident in ancient history, art, myths, legends and religions, but continued like a golden thread across the millennia to the present time.

He decided, therefore, to found the Academy of Magical Cats, Witnesses and Inspiration of Art and Civilisation. An initial group of artists joined immediately with enthusiasm and, in a short time, this group became an extraordinary point of cohesion, in Italy and abroad, for all the artists and thinkers who identify themselves with the supreme values of Beauty, Creativity, Freedom - those values which symbolise the cat.