The Academy is an independent international non-profit making and legally recognised association, formed to strengthen and spread Cat Culture by uniting all those who love cats, their companions and the inspiration of their work and life. It is intended to be a meeting point for the exchange of experiences, observations, presentations of masterpieces inspired by the cat and, therefore, a means of spreading to others this culture in a golden thread that links the past and the present and all the countries of the world.
The Academy was formed to celebrate, introduce and help to nurture an appreciation for the works of great artists, intellectuals and scientists of every age and nation, who were cat lovers. Its primary aim is to promote an understanding of the influence of this extraordinary creature in the field of human knowledge, and as a cultural medium of artists and civilisations. It offers a new and exciting way of combining Culture, Ecology and Animalism in a discourse aimed at those people who aspire to a more harmonious rapport with the universe than that offered by the normal, banal, everyday routine: those people who love beauty, art and independent thinking. It is aimed at those who think of life as a game, who, without stooping to bargaining, look on the grace and superiority of the cat - its philosophical harmony and decorative presence - as apt reward and reason to love it. People who know that what the cat offers is priceless and who, when it comes down to it, have a little bit of the cat in them. As William S. Burroughs, Fellow of the Academy of Magical Cats, said “the cat offers himself”. And it's not a few!
It is the first and only one of its kind; it has the patronage and backing of some of the most important organisations and institutions in Italy and abroad and it is already recognised in many countries and it is expanding throughout the world.