In order to satisfy the request of the may people who share our ideals and who follow our activities, the Friends of the Academy of Magical Cats was formed. This allows people who believe in the magical presence of cats, who see them as marvellous companions, media of creative activity and who love them profoundly, to become members. These Friends are people who are sensitive, morally rich, interested in expanding their knowledge and who want to enjoy at the same time. They can contribute to the development of the Academy, by the participation to Meeting-places of cultural sectors and to Meeting-places of geographical areas. They can also promote new Meeting-places, with other members of the Academy, searching for other friends that could be interested in the Academy of Magical Cats. This is an invitation to the cat lovers interested in cat culture to participate to the life of the Academy and to extend the participations trought the world, by filling in this form:

 Modulo Amici dell'Accademia